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No. 26


Another Two weeks Another Blog Post

hello again, blog number 26. thank you for joining me every other wekk for these posts. Leading up to this post, and for maybe the past few blog posts Ive been feeling a little lost, once again, no suprise. I’m in between taking another break from blog posting to focus on other aspects. In the beginning of these newsletters/blog I was focused more on interacting with people regarding things like intent and i was more focused on applying to open calls, and i was trying to reach more people directly and I think I’m hitting a wall with this stuff, and the blog is currently getting in the way of that. I still love doing these and its still a great way to keep me taking photos, and editing webpages is fun so maybe this isn’t a true break, time will tell. Just feeling stagnation in my output, seeing people online build audiences and improve their work. I feel like I have been on auto pilot a bit reagrding photography and art and need to do some reflection/communication with people . thanks guys love u  <3


took a vacation with haley, cris, cara, zach, and lizzy, up to the adirondaks to do some bouldering for cris’ birthday. fun times in a funny little trailer park. after that me and haley went further up north to stay in a little inn and then a beautiful a-frame. coming back from this trip was so hard reintegrating to society out of the most perfect fall vacation with my fav people and having to do chores and go to work and think about art and just think about something other than eating and realzing and making a fire. i dont know lmfao. all in all tho got some rly good shots in and had a rly great time