I am an artist whose practice contains work done in video, sculpture, installation, and photography. I received a BFA in intermedia from UMASS Amherst in 2018, where most of my work encapsulated the act of turning objects and everyday machines into theatrical performers. There is something strangely comforting about being able to laugh as two printers act out a juvenile instant message based romance over the course of a few minutes. This comfort we feel in reconigzable objects that overcrowd our lives is used to remove the objects from their natural settings. The objects become symbolic of humanity, unearthing the innate human qualities we bestow upon objects. It’s use in simplifying a task. Chairs reduce fatigue of standing, printers allow reproducability with ease, screens and projectors allow the spread of information. But, by removing the objects practical qualities, it becomes an actor, something capable of a task, but viewed in a specific circumstance. And that circumstance becomes a stage, wherever it happens to be, regardless of the placement of the audience. These theatrics too, overpopulate our lives, in how you present yourself in the presence of your family, and how that scene changes when company is over. Taking these scenes we have experienced, and employing actors we are familiar with, allows a domestic production to take place. That is what creating work has become for me, an outlet to tell the mundane stories of love, regret, longing, hope, that we all experience. Allowing these base emotions to be condensed into physical moments able to be experienced as long as the piece is being viewed feels like a memorial to a time and place, to a person and a feeling.