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recent works

have been working on applications for a couple things recently so i made some new work that started with some other ideas of how to install and show photos in different ways. i found all my photos that had strong lines through the composition, printed out and cut the photos and made arrangments. I then printed out arrangments on photo paper and cotton and tried different ways to display them. #1 has the photo clamped on top and mounted to a tripod. the bottom 1/8th rests on the floor. #2 on cotton hangs from a freestanding pvc armature. I have more plans one being as a body pillow and ive done other small expiriments. ive also included one of these expirments as the Pinchot Trail Photo Quilt. trying to use arrangment to create patterned sections that tell a chronological story of a two day hike.

from around the house

haley m’s haley ms, 
bathroom jade, 
christie bathroom sign trompe l'oeil,

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