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hello it has been awhile major developments in my life have occurred I am now engaged to the beautiful Haley McDevitt. Please enjoy some random photos from this year, I’ve been taking a lot less photos and have been working on photo sculpture/installation work and applications instead.... lolol. :-) maybe little title/description above each pic?

little dog..

fat dog

haley and all three dogs from the lofted office
little white dog staring into the fireplace

haley playing with the dogs in the snow in the Poconos

NYC from the midtown hilton

nice tree spotted in Syracuse waiting for the eclipse

guy on facetime with someone during the eclipseshe said yes! lol

light from the airbnbs doorwindow above the doorTodd Midlers studio Brooklynon set with HCelevator with cat, was clearly having difficulty hitting focus with my olympus xa2 I havent used it in awhile but  I ended up liking a lot of the funny focus stuff going on anywayshaley in the rockefeller plaza after dinnerhaley is in the middle of this picture that I took through a waterfalltheres that focus again! but this one is so funTom and Scott framing Ru Paul and Michelle

im going to make a big print of this and mount it in a corner low to the ground

rly love this photo of Jordan during Hannah Diamond

wouldve been really cool to hit focus on this but what are you going to do missus ‘annah diamond! rock and roll!elsewhere, we went here twice that weekend loli dont know how this happened but it looks like 4 picswillow on haleys phone on cleo on the dog couch

shot medium format for the first time in awhile and it was fun however this is one of the last shots I got before the mirror stop broke randomly maybe because of temperature change, anyways im shooting a test roll through it now to see if the focus is messed up or anythgin

thanks for looking :-) ︎︎︎