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Hello and Welcome

hail and well met, welcome to the blog. I think finally getting away from mailchimp is for the best.. although I stiill will use it to collect email because trying to create an email collection little thingy is a little too much like programming homework for me lmao. I think this might finally be the most bestest way to do this little thing, and will still allow me to like emial everyone every other week :-)

if youre coming from elsewhere then hello regardless! 

I think as I went along with the 16 iterations of the newsletter, I came to really enjoy the kind of narrative elements of some of the versions. Utilizing multiple photos of the saem event, watching me line it up or correct expsoure is so interesting to share with you, from my perspective, and adds to the passage of time, moments, days, and weeks, that the newsletters came to represent for myself. So I figured I was unhappy with mailchimp as a whole, have and pay for this website, and maybe would have more control over design. So this is the transition from a newsletter to somehting more like a photo blog. I’ll share the same kind of content, and maybe more, maybe just anything I’m into or thinking about. Not sure yet, I think anything paired with this kind of photo diary style adds to the general message of ‘come into my life a little’. 

Not much to say this time, but I did end up taking quite a bit of photos, please enjoy, have a good day, and email me!