>>>general photography

an excerpt featured in  “Unsorted Images II” -
        these are some of my favorite photos from the past few months. it feels like i am constantly trying to get all my   photos to operate under one umbrella phrase or idea to make sense of it all like I’m some old guy getting a retrospective photo-book. I think from the outside people can see and tell and form ideas about what I’m trying to do or say or what I’m thinking, or more likely they are not thinking that much about me at all and see my photos on instagram or in a newsletter and say nice cool thanks okay. But if they are thinking about it, or if they were asked to, by me, I wonder what they would say. Maybe they would say something cool and smart and make me feel like I maybe know what I’m doing after all. But if I had to think about it, and actually put a phrase to it, I’m not quite sure what I would say. In reality I am taking pictures of my beautiful girlfriend and dog, and the funny trees we see on our trips, and the random bugs or birds, or a funny framing of an innocuous scene like my dogs big butt, or this crazy pothole the city tried to fill for like 8 months, or I notice that the light is really nice or some of these colors would look good together, or I just was already taking pictures so might as well take another and out it in lightroom with the other thousands, or like something stupid just happened like coming to terms that our dog is an animal and must kill and it really upset us but haley looks so perfect this upset in her pjs, or I don’t know i just want to make a record of all this blue shit in our room right now. if you have your own thoughts pls reach out to me and tell me what to say about my photos please