blog #27 blog #27 blog #27 we’re back bitches blog #27 damn it feels good to be a blog post blog #27 yipee! 

guess whos back back again

i forgot how annoying the file size upload limit on this website is. hello welcome back blog post welcome back it has been just over a year i think, ive been thinking about doing this again so heres a little test just to see whats up and whats good. As always feedback is great and i love to email so hit me up!

some minor updates, ive been applying to a few things and making some pieces out of some of my photos. I’m still working on proposals and pieces but maybe in 2 weeks ill have somehtign to show of them and some text to describe!

recent picszs

nuff said lmao no uhh new york halloween.. walk to work trying to take pictures there and back, meh and then some choice fall day things i notcied and came back for.

iphone dump?

ihpone style instagram story photo dump vibes memes and phone photos of art and just random stuff ive seen around.. lmk what you think just trying to get away from ig again damn ass ads and shit