no. 30
new glasses portrait, taken by cris


happy new years eve 2023 hello 2024 

got a new little silly lens that almost always misses focus. also went to see myfamily for xmas with haley and cleo.
philly, roadtrip to tenesse, tenesse, roadtrip away from tenesse, philly.

anyways here are the pics :-)  you can click the very first picture and scroll thru them all that way if you want to get away from the gif

peace! cleospiral staircase up to the cupolastairs from the spiral staircasespiral staircasered velvet ropecleocleoparents yard at nighthaley, makeup by willowcleo altered by poppymakeupwillow, makeup by haleymakeup with dadalerted dogshaleys hiding spot 1haleys hiding spot 2willows hiding spotfull moon 1full moon 2haley hotel 1haley hotel 2back at work see you next year~