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No. 19

Hello Again

Still sort of gernally at a loss for the exact way I want to present these things to whoever is actually looking at these. Sort of unclear, but I still like the routine and I enjoy looking back at them as markers of time. This entry kind of finishes off last times, we went on our camping trip in Acadia and returned to Massachusettsand eventually Philly. I think a self portrait as the first image is fun and adds another element of a type of goal to meet every two weeks. I’ve got another photo shoot gig coming up in early August that will be fun to share with you all once it happens, but I also want to try and get in the studio before then and try out some other ideas Ive been having. I really want to create those super corny school photos, where theres a super imposed picture of the person like kind of dreamily above their full body pose, but I want to do it in real time with like projections and lighting. Idk i tried it before and it didnt really work because I was the model and it was too complicated to do both. I also have had this idea to recreate country albums artwork with haley, I think it will be fun and theres seomthing there for sure lmfao. but in the meantime check out these photos, and check out my website if you havent yet, Ive got older photos, and some writing stuff thats worth checking out if youve got time ;-p

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Nahant, MA

Nahant is where Haley is from. Our friend Rebecca (hi rebecca) was visiting and some of these shots were her ideas! The one where Haley has a big starburst on her head, the boat through the cave, and Rebecca through a different caves opening. We went on this crazy hike/walk around the island, going onto rocks innaccessable at high tide and eventually carefuly walking on algae covered rocks to emerge into this cave on the coast. That night we went squiding to no success, but this very strange man kept catching squid and putting them in our bucket for some reason so we ended up with like seve squid we didn’t really ask for


Acadia Maine, fuckin beautiful, so cool. Camping is fun. First night HC was a little stressed because we didn’t have anything booked, but we found some cell service and booked some activities. That night we made steak tacos on Cris’ camping stove we were borrowing. We went into bar harbor, saw this funny harry potter themed toilet, then we went on a little cruise to see some puffins and some lighthouses. It was so funny trying to shoot these puffins with my camera, all the photos came out so bad, but the experience was really nice, Haley with the binoculars is much better at encapsulating the experience. After that we did the ‘Park Loop Road’ while everyone else was at the fireworks and saw some nice nature stuff pretty much by ourselves. Last night camping was looking like a bunch of rain so we got a motel room that allowed dogs and finished our camping trip like the princesses we are

Back 2 Nahant

These are all from the night we got back to Haley parents. HC used to be the director of the sailing program for her town so she still knows/ taught a lot of the kids now running it so we were able to go sailing. Always fun, so confusing to me conceptually but Haley is so good at it and its fun to try and grasp it.

& Beyond (Return 2 Philly)

A final Massachusetts activity, seeing the prodigal Lizzy after she came back from studying in Rome. Good friends, trying to convince her and Zach to move back to Philly as we speak. Then we finally got to return to our home as well, and I saw some very fitting litter.

* * *

c ya next time, thanks for reading enjoy this photo of ‘the girls’ on top of cadillac mountain. Hope you enjoyed these photos, it was so fun, man just taking photos all the time fuckin rocks, dealing with all those files, not so much lmao. okay well see you again in two weeks, as always pls reach out if you want to, i love emailing