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No. 20


back once again! mostly just been recovering at home with haley, and hiding from the heat..
this was one of those instances where I felt as though I hadn’t really taken any photos, but ended up with more than I was expecting and a few that I ended up really enjoying. An important aspect of doing this photo blog has been finding the balance of choosing only the perfect images to encapsulate a longer moment and appreciating and relying on paired sequential images to reveal something more. got to read a really good instance of the latter this month in Patrick Tsai’s photo book ‘Self-Portrait’, highly reccomend. Also currently looking for photobook reccomendations myself, or really any sort of chronicled and complete concept. could really use some of that right now :-)

Haley @ Home

need I say more? maybe, some great dog based cuddling, real time ‘in the office’, and what happens when haley wakes up for work with me. Loved how the landscape ones turned out, excellent pair love it


defined here by, being outside, containing a creature, looking towards the outside.

‘portrait of you as me’

started as an idea to use a projection in a photo, uktimatley ended in using props and costuming to create a portrait of Haley, styled to reflect me. I really liked how our portraits worked together (portraits of us ‘working’ that was in my works group show) and wanted to explore the idea of thematic paired portraits of us a bit more.

* * * 

peace! thats a wrap! going to look into one of these ‘print shop websites’ so .. if youve got any photos that come to mind and would like to buy one/would show to someone to buy let me know! its youre civic dutya moral obligation please help me out lmao