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No. 23


working on editing down photo choices, selective! trying! its hard to find the balance of over sharing, but i know i need to pracitce restraint and focus on the best photos from the many i take. in that vain this week i offer you a paired down selection of photos. Little domestic still lives and portraits. this week we’ve been dogsitting this little pomeranian we’ve been calling little man. he hates to have his picture taken and will simply run away after he sees a camera or phone. hes funny but has been peeing in our apartment too much. curse you little man. in other news, i think ive decided to start posting photos on instagram again, theres been a few situations recently where maybe having a more active instagram presecnce might lead to something beneficial.. so.. what else what else.. i have the intentions to start making physical art again, maybe more open call submissions in the future whos to say, that process will also be documented on the blog so keep ur peepers open. been feeling a little stuck (shocker!) so if yorue reading this and you usually dont reach out, please do, theres quite a few of you and I love hearing from those of you I do hear from but I’d love to know what everyone else is thinking, or even what youre up to these days. thanks and enjoy :-)  

at home with haley and creatures

pairs from around the apartment.. this post has a very magazine or book like feel imo i like thinking of these that way sometimes and have thought about doing something with that.. hm maybe one day..


 ... until next time! ...