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No. 24

hail and well met traveler. parker and haley do nancy and lee. had this idea for awhile, under different concepts, mainly recreating country album covers. going into it, i know what is important, the general idea that a look is being interpreteted, color schemes are being represented, composition is the same, but accuracy for all other elements are open. had an idea to simply have an orange painted backdrop, but day of we both thought it would be fun to kind of make an assembled background.

Some Velvet Morning

around the apartment, still under little mans paw and tooth and pile of piss. (not at the moment but I have more pictures of him to share). I really love reframing the same sets over and over again, I like to find the little things I enjoy in composing the same picture of cleo sitting on the couch under the clock with the lamp. 

Sundown, Sundown

broke out the cybershot again.. didnt rly work so great but got these two. one from the back of a truck while working and a very out of focus but still nice photo of haley from a recent date

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bye bye!!